Welcome to Raj Conveyors

Raj Conveyors has been providing solutions to its customers since 1999. We are one of the leading manufacturers of conveyors in India.

Raj Conveyors was founded by Mr. M. Satyanarayana in hyderabad, India in the year 1999. Raj Conveyors primarily serves manufacturers across industries, Now known as manufacturer of custom material and conveyor systems.

Mr. Satyanarayana has worked in many industries before being an entrepreneur his experience was mostly in food maufacturing industries where usage of conveyor systems is very common and vital in the operations sector. Here he got fascinated with the business of conveyors and left his job and laid the foundation of Raj Enterprises that Raj Conveyors now.


Latter Mr. Pavan kumar an engineer by qualification and son of the founder joined him in the business who brings fresh energy and innovation to the organisation through his experience in multinational companies.

Raj Conveyors has taken up numerous projects across in the last 15 years of its operations and sees to do bigger works in future. The aim is to offer affordable solutions to small and medium scale manufacturing units which have bigger share in the growth in nation’s GDP.


Raj Conveyors has deployed over 100,s of automated systems over India.

Raj Conveyors began operations in 1999 and has experienced business growth through innovation and a focus on customer success.

Raj Conveyors was founded by technical engineers with the knowledge and know how needed to understand the needs of the manufacturing industry.



Raj conveyors seek to provide solutions that match our customers requirement and generate greater revenues for them. We look to understand our customer’s processes. We deliver quality products and posts sales service efficiently; consistently and professionally all the time


At Raj conveyors we meet the highest standards of ethical behaviour. We are honest in our dealings with customers, our work force and society. We realise that we are stewards of our business and the environment in which we operate. We judge ourselves not just by the letter of the law, but also by being proud of our actions.


Most of the times customers look at us seeking innovative ideas and solutions which can utilize their space appropriately as well as helpful in better automation. We encourage problem solving and decision making that challenges traditional thinking. We respond effectively to emerging opportunities


Once we take up the project, commit to deliver the best product within the delivery deadline. We monitor individual and collective performance on an on going basis in order to make adjustments and corrections that ensure goal accomplishment.


We intend to provide our customers the best conveyor systems suiting their specific requirements through our innovative technology and superior quality materials with post sales suport system


Raj Conveyors deploys advanced engineered automation solutions that meet the global need of its customers.  Raj Conveyors seeks to achieve international growth by adherence to our core values of growth and the spirit of partnership.

To provide affordable and superior quality conveyor systems to small and medium manufacturing companies across all industries.